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About Us 

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Modern Marketing For The Enterprising Entrepreneur.

About The Founder,

Dahlia Danet

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Maho Marketing is a strategy-first web design and branding agency dedicated to entrepreneurs with a vision.

We are skilled in bringing your business up to speed with carefully crafted, modern graphics and UI design to breathing life and vibrancy into the vision of your brand. 

Looking to revitalize your outdated business? Or maybe you've got an idea you're ready to take off the ground. 

Whatever your dream is, trust Maho to take you there. 

Hello! My name is Dahlia Danet and I founded this brand strategy and marketing agency in late 2020. My main motivation in building this business was to provide a service for business owners that need to take the next step in asserting themselves in their industry. After scoping out my audience, I found that many business owners nail the sales side but the lack of a brand lessens their integrity


Think of it like this... You see an intriguing storefront and want to learn more.

  • You look them up on Google, but they don't have a business profile or a website to give you more information.

  • Since you don't have the time to stop and ask questions, you see what other similar businesses are in the area and find similar products or services elsewhere

In this day and age of excess and information overload, the general public searches for simplicity. What better way to start than to allocate all of your information in one place to guide your customers to the BUY NOW button?

Feel free to book a session with me to discuss your goals and vision with the 'Transform Your Brand' button.

Building brands through beautiful design and precise strategy.

Starting with strategy, we break down your vision into a digestible, easy-to-implement plan that is scalable and sustainable


Here at Maho, we dream big and see greatness in the potential of everyone we work with. To us, success is guaranteed. We just have to figure out what needs to be optimized to get there.


That's why we always have our thumb on the pulse of modern marketing tactics and research to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve (and your competitors). 

Our Values



Great visionaries, like many entrepreneurs, are the reason why the modern world has advanced so rapidly. We encourage grand, audacious visions and strive to see those come to fruition tenfold. 


We're rooting for you. 



With any vision, you need prime innovative skills to differentiate you within the market and keep you moving forward. We're growth-oriented and strive to ignite that same fire within you (if it isn't blazing by now).  



Where would we be without strategy? From building your start up to revitalizing a matured business, we execute a simply effective strategy that produces results. It boils down to magnifying your strong suits with valuable plan of action. 

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Our Team

Ready to make it with Maho? Contact us to become a brand worth remembering. 

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